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Owner Samsara Art Gallery, Mumbai

Jayesh has been a regular feature at the Samsara showcases for close to 10 years now. Having traveled with his works worldwide, we are proud to associate with his talent, that stands among the successful young artists of our time who fearlessly keeps reinventing his works and style.


Owner Le Bazart Gallery, New York

I have hosted Jayesh at 5 exhibitions in New York over the years and each time the quality of his work has surpassed it's last. His works are fresh, energetic with strong graphic underlay to his work. Given his credibility it's amazing how well priced he is.


Art Collector

As an avid collector and Art enthusiast it is no surprise I would have Sachdev's works adorn my spaces. I have particularly enjoyed his Popular Culture representations and rich understanding of colour in his works



  • 2017 - Samsara Art, Kochi Biennalle 2016 - From the Artists Studio Mumbai

  • 2016 - Madness. Interactive Art Installation Sessions. Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai.

  • 2016 - From the Artists Studio, Mumbai

  • 2016 - The Secret of Secrets, Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata

  • 2014 - Accessibly Yours, Pune

  • 2013 - Cardology III, Either OR Galleria, Pune

  • 2013 - Cardology III, Le Sutra Gallery, Mumbai, Powai, Pune

  • 2012 - Samsara Art, Abu Dhabi

  • 2012 - Samsara Art, Dubai

  • 2012 - Head To Head, Prince of Wales Museum

  • 2012 - Indiascape 3, Indian Art Collectors (Online Exhibition)

  • 2012 -Articulate, Habiart Foundation,New Delhi

  • 2011 - Indiascape 1, Franjipani Art, Ahmedabad

  • 2010- Indian Pop, Sayaji Rao Gaekwad, Franjipani Art

  • 2009-10 - Untitled, Goldsmith Studio 350, New York

  • 2009-10 - Four Skin, Paris/New York

  • 2009 - No where to Hide 2, Indian Habitat Centre, Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi

  • 2009 - Exploration Of Beauty, Le Bazart, New York

  • 2009 -A Question of Beauty, Le Bazart, New York

  • 2009 - Fiat Tyre Art, Live painting of India's Largest New-Media Painting. National Record

  • 2008 - Nirvana, Solo Show, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai

  • 2008 - Bollywood Wall of Fame, Solo Show, Mukta Art Ltd, Mumbai

  • 2008 - Raja Ravi Verma Re-invented in Pop, Group show, DejaVu Art Gallery, Jodhpur

  • 2008 - Raja Ravi Verma Re-invented in Pop, Group show along with original Oleographs of Raja Ravi Verma Balgandharva Ranghmandir, Pune

  • 2007-08 - In the shadows, Emblem Art Gallery, Pune

  • 2007-08 - Phunksual, Emblem Art Gallery, Pune

  • 2007 - Pop Goes The Easel, Solo show. Pop Portraits, Zenzi, Mumbai

  • 2007 - No where to Hide, Solo Show. Painting Exhibition of Black and White Nudes, Out of the Blue, Mumbai

  • 2007 - Popped Art, Series of Pop Art Paintings, Solo show. Out of the Blue, Mumbai

  • 2006 - Design Yatra International Graphic Design Festival, Goa

  • 2005 - Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore, Design showcase

  • 2004 - Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore, Video Exhibit Open House


"As an artist, I have explored various subjects. I find nothing more sensitive and resplendent than the female form. The subtle contours formed with light and shadow, exude an elusive sultriness that I try to capture. When you take away all the colour from life, there's nowhere to hide but behind the shadows; What you see is a reality, the truth, in black and white".

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